The Maguas

an emo-leaning, alternative rock outfit based in scranton, pa



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The Maguas: Unveiling Scranton’s Emo Anthems, One Heartbreak at a Time

In the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a city known for its blue-collar ethos and industrial landscape, a band by the name of The Maguas has emerged as a powerful voice in the world of emo anthem rock. Hailing from the very streets where the echoes of heartache seem to resonate like a melancholic symphony, singer Erik Miller, guitarists Matthew Jenkins & Daulton Rissinger, bassist Luke Prusinski, and drummer Brandon Ossont have become torchbearers of raw, unfiltered emotion. With their debut album, “Settled,” The Maguas have arrived to provide the soundtrack to life’s most profound tribulations—love, loss, and the turbulent journey in between.

In collaboration with accomplished producer Nik Bruzzese (known for his work with Man Overboard and The Wonder Years), The Maguas embarked on a creative journey that yielded a series of anthemic, harmonious displays, exemplifying their potent emo-rock prowess. These collaborative endeavors swiftly heightened their stage presence, affording them the privilege of performing alongside distinguished acts such as Set It Off, Secondhand Serenade, Catch Your Breath, Rain City Drive, & Until I Wake—among a slew of other notable artists

Now signed to Lancaster’s CI Records—a landmark achievement that joins them with the ranks of esteemed label alumni including August Burns Red, Carousel Kings, and Texas in July— The Maguas are poised for the next chapter in their remarkable journey..

“…scratching that new emo itch since 2018.”

Alternative Press,

“[With ‘Seaglass & Springsteen’] I knew they were on a whole different level.”

The Popko Project,

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