The Maguas

an emo-leaning, alternative rock outfit based in scranton, pa

Our Story

An emo-leaning, alternative rock outfit based in Scranton, PA. Established in 2018, the band released their self-produced debut EP, ‘Good Beer,’ the following year. The Maguas set to work with producer Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) on their sophomore release in early 2020. ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ dropped later that year, quickly garnering significant traction within the scene and earning them recognition from an array of outlets including Alternative Press.

Once again working with Bruzzese, the band is now setting forth on their third iteration with an anticipated release in 2021. Now with a solid foundation underfoot, they’re diving deep into dark and vulnerable lyrical thematics to advance their signature “novel yet nostalgic” emo sound. The Maguas are set to release their first single of 2021 “Drifter” on August 27th.

“…scratching that new emo itch since 2018.”

Alternative Press,

“[With ‘Seaglass & Springsteen’] I knew they were on a whole different level.”

The Popko Project,

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